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Corrie Remembers
Giving a voice to the legacy of
Corrie Ten Boom

This moving solo performance brings to life the late Corrie Ten Boom, legendary Dutch Holocaust survivor and rescuer. The show is set in the 1970's when Miss Ten Boom was in her 80's. Susie Sandager, as the stooped, grey-haired senior, shares a mesmerizing account of the Ten Boom's efforts to help persecuted Jews. Despite the cruel realities of the Holocaust and her family's heartbreaking experiences, audiences leave with spirits uplifted and hope renewed. 

Corrie Remembers is a timeless story and one the world needs to hear.

Corrie Calvary compositeLARGE.jpg

"Corrie Remembers" is a powerful one-woman dramatization featuring Susan Sandager who takes the stage in tribute to the legendary Dutch Christian Holocaust Rescuer, the late Corrie Ten Boom. Ten Boom was a woman who left a special legacy, born out of her experiences in the Dutch Resistance and her nightmare at Ravensbruk concentration camp. She was one of those rare individuals (Righteous Gentiles the Jewish people would call her) motivated to act because of her beliefs. She and her family helped hundreds of Jews escape the Nazis. While her family perished in Nazi concentration camps, Corrie was released by mistake. She spent the rest of her life speaking to the world about faith, hope, life, forgiveness and reconciliation.


Convincingly attired as the stooped grey-haired 85-year old Corrie, Sandager recounts the harrowing true story. It is a riveting tale woven with humor and faith and heartbreak - and ultimately a triumph over evil.


The play has been performed hundreds of times around the globe, with Susie portraying elder Corrie Ten Boom, remembering her younger years. The story presents the simple courage and love that Corrie Ten Boom embodied. 

Susie Sandager portraying Corrie Ten Boom in Corrie Remembers.

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