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I was delighted to host the presentation by Susie Sandager of Corrie Ten Boom's life and ministry in the House of Commons. It was a timely and fitting event during during the national remembrance of the Holocaust. Susie's Corrie was a remarkably vivid and meaningful portrayal of an extraordinary woman and servant of Our Lord.

David Borrowes MP

Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate, UK


Corrie Ten Boom was a woman with a special legacy born out of her experiences in the Dutch Resistance and at a Nazi concentration camp. She was one of those brave Righteous Gentiles motivated to act because of her beliefs. The story of the Ten Boom family is unique and its telling requires the same convictions and spiritual understanding, as the family shared.

The Corrie Remembers performance by Susie Sandager is moving and has a spiritual quality that is hard to define. The performance does not only touch the soul but reaches the heart and the mind.

I warmly recommend Corrie Remembers by Susie Sandager to churches, theaters and community centers anywhere in the world.

Dr. Susanna Kokkonen

Director, Christian Friends of Yad Vashem

Susie gave an incredibly moving, authentic and sensitive performance of 'Corrie Remembers' here at St. Thomas's to a rapt and appreciative audience. I've still got people thanking me for booking the event and both young and old alike saying how deeply it effected them. Bless you, Susie, and may you continue to deliver Corrie Ten Boom's beautiful message of love and forgiveness for many more years to come. And for any organizations, churches or schools thinking of putting this event on: don't hesitate, book it today!

Damian Scott, Worship Pastor

St. Thomas's Church of England Church, Kendal, UK

Susie Sandager's remarkable portrayal of Corrie Ten Boom was timely, authentic- and deeply moving. How marvelous that that Corrie Ten Boom's story lives on. "Corrie Remembers" needs to be seen and heard everywhere, especially now when anti-Semitism is raising its vile head once again. Our people are still talking about it.

Pastor Wayne Hilsden

King of Kings Community, Jerusalem

Shirley and I knew Corrie Ten Boom and were astonished to see Susan Sandager's impressive show. "Corrie Remembers." It was as if Corrie Ten Boom had come back to life! It is truly a phenomenal show which touches the hearts of anyone who sees it.

Pat Boone

Musical Artist and Motivational Speaker

Susan breaks down the barriers of hate and hurt with a rare sensitivity that endears her character to all; this exhaustively researched, well-documented message and memory of Corrie Ten Boom lives again.

Ed Smelser, Regional Director

Bridges for Peace USA

After all these years, Corrie Ten Boom returns to Europe! We were privileged to host the European premiere of "Corrie Remembers" by Susan Sandager, and it was a night to remember for us. Because we've a church of over 50 nationalities the audience came from various faith backgrounds and cultures, including Dutch Christians and European Jews. They were so attentive that you could have heard a pew squeak. At a time when Europe is once more smoldering with racism and sectarian anxiety, in walks this dear Righteous Gentile to charm and challenge the whole lot of us. Corrie's poignant message and soothing presence reminded us of Christ's most basic mandate that we must love one another as God loved us. Hers is a voice that must again be heard.

Richard Davis, Pastor

The International Protestant Church of Zurich

Thank you for bringing to life an important part of Christian history. It was as if we were transported back in time to sit at the feet of Corrie Ten Boom. This presentation is more than history for it motivates believers toward persevering in life's most challenging situations... (it) emphasizes the importance of God's value on the Jewish people. The mixture of well-presented drama interspersed with well-timed video clips and concluding comments, blended together to create an unforgettable evening for all age groups. I would recommend this presentation in the highest regard. Thanks for a quality performance.

Jim Revelle

Pastor, Pathway Church, Shorewood, IL

Adjunct Professor, Christian Life College, Mt. Prospect, IL

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